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5 Passive Income Ideas for Students

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5 Passive Income Ideas for Students 2021 Students, do you find it hard to survive on the meager pocket money that your parents give you every month? Yes, the same amount for God knows how many years, and there is never really an increment or bonus!

Inflation is only an issue when it comes to grocery shopping or petrol prices, and it clearly doesn’t apply to your monthly pocket money, no matter how strong of a stance you present to them. Well, now you can earn passive income, in addition to that never increasing pocket money to fulfill all your extra-curricular, besides feeding yourselves during lecture breaks.

Passive income is any amount that you earn without putting in too much of an effort, so it’s not like becoming a pilot or engineer after waiting for the completion of your college degree. It’s more like spending a few hours in front of the camera, recording & putting it out on YouTube for the world to see. The higher the number of views on your video, the higher will be your ‘passive income’, which keeps coming in, as long as your video is up there for the public to see, like, appreciate & share!

1. Create your YouTube Channel
This is the most popular form of passive income that people of all ages, not just students, but everyone is into, these days. Setting up your very own YouTube channel is fairly simple, & it will take no more than a few minutes to create a channel. But, passive income requires three essentials, time, work & effort. So, you’ll be spending time creating content to post on your channel, and in response to the number of views & subscribers, YouTube will pay you every month!

2. Start a Blog
Another one of the passive income ideas for students in Pakistan is to start a blog if writing is your forte! Not a lot of students are fond of writing, but this here is confined to all that boring stuff you have to write in your college & university assignments.
Find your niche! What fascinates you? Is it fashion, lifestyle, food, or something else? Once you have figured this part out, you are good to go! Start your own blog on word press or any social media platform you like, Instagram perhaps, & monetize it with ads, and placements, Affiliate marketing for the win!

3. Freelance
Freelance is in trend, and its one trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Freelance is a preferred choice for students and people who can’t manage the 9-5 office routine but are passionate to make money.
This is especially a beneficial thing for students if they want to make that extra money. Have you heard of Fiver? It’s a freelance online job portal that has provided people around the world opportunities in several disciplines. So, don’t take ‘freelance’ as writing only. It goes beyond, be it graphics designing, transcribing, website building & development & SEO, the opportunities are limitless.

4. Teach Online
Here’s another easy source of passive income, where you only need to create an online profile on Udemy or a similar website. You are required to choose a subject of your choice, upload its video lectures that are then available to students from around the world to study from. It’s like a virtual learning environment, but for you, it’ll be your virtual teaching space, one that pays good money!
This is a great opportunity for passive income if you are highly knowledgeable in a specific subject matter.

5. Rent your Stuff
This one right here is probably the easiest way to make extra money. All you need to do is find an asset that you are not using at the moment & put it up on rent. Let’s suppose you have a car that you don’t use as often. Simply list it out on Careem and earn!
If you don’t own a car, rent out your study material, or part of your dorm room or maybe even your console. Look around, you’ll find things that are lying around, becoming useless with every passing day, put these to use!
If you are struggling with money issues, these ideas can really help you get your finances sorted, if not for the long-term, at least for the time being. Try it out, you will thank us later!


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