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5 Proven Ways to Make Money from a WordPress Website


Are you looking to generate some revenue from a WordPress website, but don’t know how where to start? Luckily, you stumbled upon this article! I have vast experience in building WordPress websites and many methods and ideas as to how you can make money off of these websites. Making money through a website is not difficult, all you need to do is some brief research and learn how other developers and bloggers are making money from their websites. This article will guide on how to make money from a WordPress website because if others can do it, so can you.5 Proven Ways to Make Money from a WordPress Website

Affiliate Program
Affiliates programs are when you advertise or display other website ads, like Amazon affiliates or Clickbank, on your own WordPress website. If someone clicks on these affiliate links and makes a purchase, you will get commission fees. There are plenty of examples of individuals who are earning millions through Amazon Affiliates. If your WordPress website or blog has a good amount of traffic you can easily embed the ads and write high-quality, crispy, and attractive product descriptions so people buy the product you have displayed on your website. Once you have these links established, they will continue to make revenue as long as your website is monetized.


To get started all you have to do is start a WordPress website and build a complete affiliates website. If you’re not sure how to do that may I suggest researching or hiring a freelancer

eCommerce Website
No one imagined buying a product on their phone could be possible 50 years ago. However, this is the Modern era and customers and buyers can easily buy anything from their homes. Luckily, you as an entrepreneur can set up an eCommerce shop that will make you money from selling online products. For example, a great tool for starting your eCommerce store today is Shopify. The only upfront costs are a Shopify subscription and hosting for your domain. You can deliver any product you want and luckily you can link this all to your WordPress website.

Monetize With Google AdSense
Another and most common method for generating revenue with a WordPress website is enabling Google AdSense on your website. Google AdSense is an advertising program by which Google puts ads on your website. If someone clicks on these ads you will get paid through clicks, but you also get paid for ads impression. If your blog or WordPress website has a good amount of traffic you can easily generate some good revenue from Google AdSense. To approve your website for Google AdSense your website needs to follow the program policies by Google. Your website should have enough and unique content as well, otherwise, your application will get rejected by Google. Watch this video in order to complete the steps you need to get approved for Google Adsense.

Sell Online Courses
If you are a teacher or instructor you can easily make your own learning management system on a WordPress website. Just like Udemy and courser, you can offer online courses through your own WordPress website. WordPress also offers its own complete learning management system that will inform you on how to sell your courses. WordPress also has a course certification program and a complete payment integration system. If you aren’t sure how to create a learning management system, simply hire a freelancer to get the job done for you.


Become Freelancer
If you know how to make money from a WordPress website, just become a developer. If you have a strong grip on how to operate a WordPress website, I would suggest that instead, you start freelancing. You can easily get the projects for website development, such as website speed optimization, performance, WordPress website migration, Landing page design, etc. There are thousands of freelancers already offering WordPress services on Freelancing websites and they make huge revenue from their skills.


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