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5 Signs You Have Made a Poor Career Decision

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We all have made decisions in which we are not sure what will be the outcome will be. Some of these decisions take us to a high level of success, but others do the complete opposite. We realize most of these decisions consequences later, which is just part of life. It is important to make right and wrong decisions as it is how we learn as humans. In order to change your route, you have to reflect and realize that it is okay to fail, but you can’t let it stop you. The following are 5 Signs You Have Made a Poor Career Decision.

Whenever you feel like you don’t belong, then that is a good sign that you should not be working at that place, as it is just a sign that you are most likely incompatible with the company’s morale or work.

Usually, this happens when you work for an organization with strict rules and regulations. You constantly feel as if you deserve better and that you are underpaid or undervalued. But this does not necessarily mean that you should make an instant decision on leaving that particular organization. Instead, sit calmly and give yourself time, make sure you compare pros and cons, and then finally make a decision.

You Don’t Feel Motivated
Lacking motivation is common, but if you feel as if you’re always unmotivated at your job, then chances are you’ve made a poor career decision. Before blaming it strictly on your career, it is suggested that you run through an analysis of your motivation as a whole. Although, it could be directly affected by a poor career choice, sometimes individuals have no motivation, to begin with. If you are normally a highly motivated individual, then it is time to explore your career decision.

You are letting Emotions Cloud Your Judgment
You may have heard that individuals with “cooler heads” always prevail. Most of the time, this stands true. While choosing your career you should always think with your head before your heart. Make sure you aren’t making your decisions out of anger, fear, or sadness as this can lead to creating a poor career decision.

There are definitely exceptions to this, like if you feel more motivated about a certain profession that you believe fits you better than another, then you should choose that! Otherwise, all negative emotions tend to lead to a poor career decision and are not acceptable to choose or reject a career based on pure emotion.

You have to talk yourself into it
Before choosing a career, the most important person you to take advice from is yourself. If you are not feeling right about a decision, make sure you are evaluating why you feel this way and some general ideas on how to make yourself feel better about the decision. In the end, it is you who will go through this decision and no one else.

So no matter what the over-hyping certain perks say about the career, never fall in their trap. You first have to talk yourself into it. While deciding on your career, always present your head at the moment and think clearly while keeping aside all your emotions, you should also take a look at the other options around you and think about them carefully and with a clear vision.

You are Restless
The most prominent sign or symbol of a poor career decision is that you always feel restless and uncomfortable. You always feel as if you are preoccupied. You keep thinking about the upsetting thoughts of work at night. These thoughts leave you tense and disturbed in your relaxing hours. The correct career is bound to upset you at times, but most of the time it should feel exciting as well like you want to be there.

You know that you will learn a lot in the process. You remain outside of your comfort zone but also know that you will grow in the process. The moment you feel pressured and misfit, take some time and take off all the negativity and false pressure. What you choose maybe not right or ideal decision for others but you have to be confident after figuring out everything.

It is very important to choose your career carefully because your whole future depends on it. This decision is also connected to your mental well-being and can be very bad in extreme cases. If you believe that you are in the wrong career, then follow the steps above, the steps will not only help you in realizing that you may have some health issues caused by your choice, but also that you overall have made a poor career decision.


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