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50 Difficult Words With Meanings And Examples 2022


List of 50 Difficult English Words With Meanings: As a follow-up to our article on confusing words, here are ten of the most difficult words in English. Most of the words we are using while interacting have synonyms, but we never use them. Really? Do you think difficult words are helpful when you are preparing for the competitive exams? Or it is something that is bothering you? The answer to this is very simple which is YES. Good vocabulary takes you ahead in competitive exams as well as in your life. Well, here is the list of 50 Difficult Words with Meanings, which is carefully organized and contains difficult words which you can surely use while introducing yourself and for your profile on social apps. Learn Difficult English Words with Meaning and Sentence and Improve Your English Vocabulary.


Personality development can be shown by your talking ways and along with the person’s behavior. Communication can be the key of various things mainly it can enhance your value if you speak frequent English along with use attractive words into your language.

Using difficult words can be a good grace for the candidates while conversation, difficult words attract people that make the people impress the other person. Consequently, if you want to attract the other person to impress them with your personality and skills add these difficult words into your conversation.

50+ Difficult Words | Most Difficult Words – Meaning, Synonym

    1. Ascetic -a person practices self-denial as part of spiritual discipline
    2. Anachronistic -antique, misplaced chronologically
    3. Aggrandize– to increase or enhance power, wealth or status
    4. Alacrity -great willingness, eagerness
    5. Abnegation -the action of renouncing a belief or doctrine
    6. Awedde – to overcome anger
    7. Bagel – Something that is transitive
    8. Beguile -charm, influence someone in a deceptive way
    9. Brusque – short and abrupt
    10. Blandishment -a flattering or pleasant statement
    11. Callous -not caring or disregard for others
    12. Camaraderie -a feeling of solidarity arising out of familiarity and sociability
    13. Cajole -to persuade a person to do something by flattery or coaxing
    14. Clamor -proclaim or demand something noisily
    15. Circumlocution -expressing someone with too many words in an indirect way
    16. Cognizant – realization or awareness 
    17. Construe – to interpret or assign meaning
    18. Convivial -happy and enjoyable atmosphere or jovial company
    19. Denigrate -to criticize someone
    20. Dispel – make doubt disappear
    21. Didactic  – designed to teach people something
    22. Demagogue -a political leader who uses rhetoric to appeal to prejudices and desires of ordinary citizens
    23. Disparate – consisting of people or things of a distinct kind
    24. Egregious – outrageously bad
    25. Embezzlement -misappropriation of funds.
    26. Ephemeral– lasting or used for an only short duration
    27. Eclectic -deriving the best ideas and styles or taste from a diverse range of sources
    28. Enervate -feel drained in vitality or energy.
    29. Equanimity -maintaining a calm state of mind in stressful situations
    30. Fatuous -pointless or devoid of intelligence
    31. Gratuitous -given or done free of charge, uncalled for or unwarranted
    32. Impeccable – flawless
    33. Incumbent -something that is morally binding
    34. Idiosyncratic -something which is peculiar to an individual
    35. Iconoclast -a person who criticizes or attacks cherished beliefs
    36. Inveterate -having a particular habit or habitual
    37. Kvetchy- Ill-tempered
    38. Libertarian -someone who believes in ideas of free will
    39. Licentious -disregarding accepted conventions, someone who is promiscuous
    40. Mendacious -not telling the truth, deceitful
    41. Multifarious -multifaceted or diverse types
    42. Ostracism -excluding a person from society by majority consent
    43. Obdurate -being stubborn to change one’s opinion
    44. Obfuscate – unclear; confuse
    45. Obsequious – try to win favor from influential people
    46. Obstreperous – noisy and difficult to control
    47. Ostensible – appearing to be true
    48. Pallid – abnormally pale or lacking intensity of color
    49. Pertinacious -holding to an opinion, someone who is stubbornly unyielding
    50. Promulgate-to promote or broadcast or announce


Some English words can be annoying for everyone, whether it is a professional or a beginner. There are many difficult words that cause trouble. It is very difficult for a person to get used to these words, especially for a student. Students use different ways like music to get used to these words or by making flashcards with difficult words and their meaning. Another method of learning difficult words is to create a story for remembering the difficult words as it is easy to remember a story rather than learning the meaning of a difficult word. As we all know for the people who want to get an education from abroad or while giving an entrance exam you must perform well in the verbal ability section in that test. 


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