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    India launches TV channel to air ‘only good news’

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    India launches TV channel to air ‘only good news’: India’s renowned media house India Today has launched a new TV channel which will transmit only good and positive content for the viewers.

    The vice-chairperson of the media house, Kallie Purie, said while speaking to Arab News that the channel, named Good News Today, will feature stories of hope, human achievements, inventions, and people from India and other parts of the world who have made positive contributions to their respective fields.

    “We need to spread positivity and good stories and personalities no matter what the reality is,” said Purie.

    She said that “each one of us needs a smile, encouragement, and see good things around us”.

    According to Purie, the slogan of this channel is Achi Khabar, Sachi Khabar (good news, authentic news).

    Over 160 national and regional news channels are broadcast in India, of which two major and most-watched channels are owned by the India Today franchise.

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