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Best Career Options in Pakistan

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Best Career Options in Pakistan A student while mellowing with the passage of time gets charmed by every sole idea that advances towards him and is caught into the appealing whirl of glitter without taking into account whether the particular target objective is accurate for him or not. Usually, this conduct of steadfastness is seen in the case of choosing a certain profession by the students.

Primarily, to cope with this task it is suggested to choose a career which quenches one’s thirst and enhances the propensity of a student; only then he can cherish his career and leave his individual mark in the world. For this goal, it is necessary for the student to consciously and sensibly pick the course which he finds comprehensible and has a natural urge to learn particularly regarding that specific course.

Having all said and all done, it is very important to make sure that a student does not fall for a temporary affinity. Besides, a student needs to review the latest trends going on in professional services in Pakistan, however, this approach should lye secondary once a student identifies his inclination. Currently, there is an ample figure of leading career options trending across in Pakistan’s growing intellectual industry. A few of them is discussed below in order to aid freshmen in deciding career options for themselves. The careers are sub-categorized under their respective main category as follows:

Nothing is more superior to or above than saving an animate life. Likewise, opting a career in which you get a chance to save several lives will surely be the best career option for an individual. A doctor is considered a saviour who takes away the pains of people and bestows them with relief or gives them or gives them a chance to start with their life again. It is, undoubtedly, considered a reputed field in Pakistan as well as a high-compensating domain because of the expansion of the medical profession in Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing state has below par health facilities. As quoted by the leading medical journal “The Lancet”, Pakistan ranks 154th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare. The journal further adds that Pakistan has seen improvement in recent years.

Nonetheless, the comparative analysis with its South Asian counterparts is adding insult to injury. For instance, India ranks at 145, China at 48, Sri Lanka at 71 and Bangladesh at 133 which are some eye-opening facts. Therefore, more skilled people are required to provide medical facilities. There are varied specializations in this field e.g. medical specialist, physician, gynecologist, dentist, physician, urologist, neurologist, oncologist, radiologist, anaesthetist etc. The medical profession has always maintained its position in the list for best career options in Pakistan due to the vast number of fields it covers under its umbrella along with its humanitarian prospect

If you are more interested in the productive use of drugs and analyzing medicine than you should choose the profession of pharmacist. In order to become a pharmacist, you have to get five years’ degree in pharmacy and afterwards, you will be the doctor of pharmacy.

It is a daring field involving a lot of research work. This profession has recently climbed the ladder of best profession options in Pakistan. Muhammad Imran Sajid, a full bright scholar and a renowned pharmacist, states that before 2000, there were less than 10 Institutes all over Pakistan specializing in imparting pharmacists training.

At that time, there were few pharmacists globally as well. In 2003, B.Pharmacy degree which was a four years comprehensive program got upgraded to Pharm.D degree. The syllabus for Pharm.D got approved by HEC. It became a defining moment for a pharmacy career in Pakistan. Presently, Pakistan produces more than 5000 pharmacists annually which are catering the required skill demand. There are more than 53 approved institutes of Pharmacy across Pakistan.

One of the latest trending careers in Pakistan includes a nutritionist; a person who instructs other people on issues of food and nutrition and their effects on health. A nutritionist is a proper doctor who gets a five years’ degree in this field. They provide people with a proper diet chart and help them follow a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. They are also getting good salary packages.

People are yet to discover the wide-ranging career opportunities. A few of them are mentioned for attention: Food Auditors in public and private sector, Fitness Consultants, Production Manager in food industries, Food Inspector and Quality Control Manager.

Due to the effects of the postmodern age, a lot of people are suffering from anxiety and depression. Consequently, the profession of psychiatry is in trend. In addition, by means of social awareness, mental disorders are now taken seriously that was previously under the shadows of ignorance. So, as time has passed both the profession and the patients have been started taken solemnly. To highlight the grave demand of psychiatrists in Pakistan, few statistics would allow us to acknowledge that psychiatrist is one of the best career options.

As stated by the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience, the ratio of the psychiatrist in Pakistan is one for every 10,000 persons passing through any mental ailment. This ratio of child psychiatrist is alarming as there is only one psychiatrist available for four million children, who are suffering from mental health problems. There are four major psychiatric hospitals for about 200 million people in Pakistan. This situation leads to an increase in the number of patients with mental ailment.
Computer Science & Engineering

Web Designing
With every passing day, the use of the internet is increasing all around the world and also in Pakistan. A trend has been set up and people now prefer to do their work online like shopping, searching etc. Due to immense use of online sites by people the future of web designing has become bright and it has made it space in the list of ideal career options in Pakistan.

The emergence of the freelance market has provoked the need of web designers. Recently, Pakistan ranked at No. 1 in the realm of IT freelance market. It is estimated that a web designer earns between $3500 to $10,000 per annum. Research tells us that Tim Berners Lee was the first person to develop a website and the precise date is 1st of August in 1991, which pretty much portrays that advancement in web development is yet to hit its untapped potential.

Creative Designer
In the catalogue of best career options in Pakistan creative designing has also made its place. A creative designer is the one who initiates contemporary fashion, trends, modish logos, info graphs, visuals etc. In order to be a creative designer, you first need to have created within yourself.

This profession is touching peak as all firms want to publicize in both print and social media. One can opt this career by gaining a degree in creative and graphic designing and other subjects of visual arts and besides this one’s creative skill matter the most.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering as a career would also be included in the directory of best career option in Pakistan. It is one of the furthermost in-demand fields in Pakistan as every developing and the less-industrialized country needs some best civil engineers to exalt its infrastructure. Correspondingly, Civil Engineering is one of most top paid branches of engineering with a wide range of career opportunities.

So, whether you think in terms of wage calculation or budding skills, Pakistan can be a good choice to kick start your career in the field of civil engineering. According to the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), the count of total registered civil engineers is increasing and more likely to be employed since Pakistan is undergoing development. Every project needs a civil engineer to authenticate its design.

Data Science/Artificial Intelligence
Everything in the contemporary world is based on data. A data scientist would analyze the data and have apt technical skills to confront complex technical problems using artificial intelligence. A data scientist is premeditated to be a better problem-solver as they use knowledge of statistics, computer science and trend analyzing.

Data scientists come into the picture as all the industries and organizations would want data-based decision to avoid discrepancies in decisions. Mining data and providing useful insights help organizations to strategize their vision. Along with its increasing demand in the world, it would not be wrong to say that data scientist as a career option in Pakistan is a leading choice to address data-driven stratagems.

Software Development
The growth of the industry of Information Technology has rendered rise to many careers and software development is one of the careers that one can pursue in this field. Research, design, develop, and test operating systems are the bifurcations of software development. Pakistan’s market share in the computer software field has seen steady growth for the past several years.

According to the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), the total size of the software sector is approximately $6.5 billion, which is expected to grow at least 3.5 per cent in the next five years. Knowledge of software development languages are necessary such as C, C++, C#, Java and Python are some to name which are in high demand in the global, local and freelance market.


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