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Best Free PLR Sites To Make Money Online


In this brief article, I will present to you Best Free PLR Sites To Make Money Online that will allow you to download free PLR content, like ebooks, for example, to use completely free of charge for your online projects and digital business models.

I will break down to you where to find the best PLR content online, how to download and how to use it the proper way for your sales campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns, and other earning methods to make the most profit possible. No special skills will be needed for this. No prior expertise in digital marketing will be required. You can do this completely free of charge from the comfort of your own home and from any country around the world.

Best Free PLR Sites To Make Money Online

Now, before I show you website number one, let us find out, what PLR content is. According to this source, PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”. These private label rights will allow you to do almost anything you wish with the PLR content you download. You are allowed to freely modify, rebrand, resell or even give that ebook away for free, without having to ask the author or original rights owner for permission. If you like, you can use PLR content even for commercial purposes, for example in affiliate marketing or in your sales campaigns.

Alright, so now that you know what PLR content is, where can you find that type of content for free? Probably one of the more popular and well-known websites to download PLR ebooks from for free is this

On this site, you will be given the opportunity to browse through a wide variety of categories and niches to find and download ebooks, that have been fully licensed with private label rights, completely free of charge. On top of that: you don’t even have to sign up for an account on this website. Simply pick the niche you are interested in, for instance, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, or health, browse through the database, and select the PLR ebook you would like to use here from the list to the right. Most topics are more or less related to niches like business, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, health, or weight loss. These niches are well known for being quite lucrative and suitable for money-making purposes. Also, if you’re looking for a specific ebook or topic, you can always type in the book’s title or any other keyword to download them. Ebooks are, however, not the only PLR content you will find on this site to download and use for your online business. Apart from ebooks, there are also other categories accessible, including free PLR articles, software, and even free PLR videos.

Moving on to the next website on today’s list, which is PLR Free Online¬†On this site, you will be given the opportunity to browse through over 11 thousand free PLR products to download, rebrand, resell, or basically do almost anything you like with them – except doing anything stupid or illegal. So, simply type in the title of the PLR ebook you are looking for here in this search bar, or alternatively, browse through the list of available niches and content categories you see on this website.

Let’s say, you’re interested in learning how to make money on YouTube free of charge. You don’t want to invest in expensive online courses and you don’t want to buy any learning software. In this case, PLR ebooks like these here could be an option for you.

Now, keep in mind, that PLR content has one downside. The problem with PLR ebooks, software, and videos is, is that there are not always 100% up-to-date. Most of it will probably be a little bit outdated. That’s not a general rule. But in cases of some categories and niches, like for example making money on YouTube, things are changing pretty fast.

Alright, so before I show you how to earn money with the PLR content you have downloaded the simplest way possible, let me present to you another site, that can provide you with decent-quality PLR stuff. This site is called The good news is, that PLRStore offers its members even some of the most recently published PLR content to download and use under a private label rights license. The bad news is, that this site is not 100% free.

On the other hand, though, you will find a lot of high-quality content here on this site, to be honest, and besides, once you have purchased and downloaded one of these PLR ebooks from this store, you will have a lifetime license to do with it whatever you want.

Ok, so let me teach you a simple trick on how to turn any of your PLR ebooks into a real cash cow with just a few clicks. As previously mentioned, you are allowed to resell PLR stuff, for example in your own personalized shops.

However, you could be easily making much more profits with your PLR ebooks by simply editing them, for example, by using online PDF editors like to include anything in your new book: your brand’s name, your website address, links to your social media or simply referral links for your affiliate marketing campaigns. That will allow you to generate an unlimited number of extra income streams with just a few clicks.

Remember: you can edit and reuse and repurpose PLR content as much and often as you like, so you don’t have to worry, if you add, for example, a bunch of your own affiliate links or sale page links to the PLR ebook you have downloaded.

So why not make use of that, promote these ebooks online, and invite people from all over the world to download them to check out your links to make lots of money.


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