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Career Counselling: Your Road Map Towards A Correct Career Direction

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Career Counselling: Your Road Map Towards A Correct Career Direction Making the right choice is always a difficult task, be it about deciding where and what to eat for dinner, or choosing the right outfit for a family event, or which college to study in, but it is a thousand times difficult to make the right career choice, especially when there are abundant choices available at your disposal.


The Pakistani education system and the diverse courses available to students today have come a long way in making career prospects for each student brighter. However, a majority of youth in Pakistan still largely depend on parents for making career decisions.

While there is nothing wrong with taking parents’ suggestions into consideration, their decision should not be forced on the children. Most students in Pakistan are studying or pursuing careers that are not based on their choice but their parents’. What is even worse is that majority of parents are themselves unaware of the right career choices available to their children.

A wrong career choice can create an unwanted mess at a later stage when the realization of not enjoying your job will hit you on one boring day at your work desk. So, to avoid that day from seeing the face of the sun, it’s better to take the right steps now.

It is always best to take help from the right source instead of asking 10 uninformed people, especially about your career choices. This is where you must start walking in the direction of career counseling.

Why should you consider going for career counseling?


You get expert and professional advice
When you approach a career counselor, you approach an expert who is well aware of the kind of career options available for students, the kind of jobs available in the market. They are experts who have been in the field of career counseling for years and have been counseling multiple students. Hence, whatever advice they provide is surely going to be a well thought out and informed one.

Eliminates confusion to a great level
Looking at multiple career options which are more often closely related to each other can lead to a lot of confusion. Career counseling can help in filtering out unnecessary options that are the least likely to benefit your career and keep only those in front of you that respond well to your interest and aptitude.

Helps chalk out a well-structured career plan
Career counseling also helps in chalking out a complete career plan for you. If you have just completed your 10th or 12th board examinations, it is the best time to seek career counseling. Your counselor is most likely to take your aptitude test and based on your interest and test results, they will suggest the courses best for you to pursue a bachelor’s and well as master’s level. This is the stage they will show you a clear picture of your career so that you can start prepping for it well in advance.

Helps identify your interest and strengths
Sometimes it can so happen that even though your interest lies in a particular career field, your skills and capabilities won’t match the field’s requirement or maybe you might have great skills required for a particular field but have no interest in it. Career counseling helps to identify both your strengths as well as your interest areas which you might not be aware of, to help you make the right choice.


Introduces you to newer career options you weren’t aware of
Since you and I can are not as closely related to the education and job sector of the nation as the career counselors are, we will never know all the career options available out there. Career counseling opens doors to many unknown career options that we might have never come across but can be the best match for us.


If you are thoroughly confused about which career path to choose, it is still not late to go for career counseling. Open up that option for your own good. Head to a career counselor


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