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International Youth Day 2021: From Basic to GOAT, Top 10 Gen Z Words

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International Youth Day 2021: From Basic to GOAT, Top 10 Gen Z Words One important aspect of youth culture is the vocabulary young people use. Sometimes words they use may seem weird but hey, don’t they sound really cool? No matter if you are a boomer or a millennial, on this International Youth Day, we bring you a quick primer to Gen-Z’s lingo. Even if you are not from Gen-Z, learn these words and garnish your conversations with them if you want to sound cool. You make sure of that, and no Gen-Z folk will say ‘OK Boomer’ to you. (Read International Youth Day 2021: 5 Things That Differentiate Today’s Youth From Past Generations)

Basic: This word is just basic. Basic is used to describe someone who is only interested in mainstream things that are already trending and popular.

Lit: Often replaced by a fire emoji, lit just means that someone or something is just amazing.

Woke: It usually means someone who is aware of the injustice happening in society and cares about it. However, with the rise of cancel culture, the word has also included negative connotations meaning someone who just pretends that they care to look cool.

Cancelled: Cancel culture is an aspect of youth culture that has been amplified because of social media. If a notable person has or has had problematic views or behavior, they are called out on social media.

Mood: Gen-Z people say this when they can relate to something, mostly on the internet, and that something – an image or music or a meme – can encapsulate how they are feeling in the moment.

Flex: If someone is flexing, it means they are showing off. Either their money or they are posting mirror selfies because they have joined the gym.

Snack: When you feel that someone is looking really good, you call them a snack. The word is used mostly in a sexually suggestive context.

Salty: If someone talks or behaves in a jealous or resentful manner, they are being salty.

Vibe Check: Vibe check just means assessing a person. For example, it may be a problem if you don’t pass the vibe check of your girlfriend’s friends.

G.O.A.T.: This literally means the Greatest Of All Time.

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