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Shell Is Hosting Its Eco-Marathon Student Event In Islamabad Next Week. Here’s What to Expect.

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Shell Is Hosting Its Eco-Marathon Student Event In Islamabad Next Week. Here’s What to Expect. To ready the Pakistani engineering students for the Shell Eco-Marathon international competitions next year, Shell Pakistan is organizing an Eco-Marathon student event this Thursday (October 14) in Islamabad.


Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) is one of the world’s leading student engineering competitions. Over the past 35 years, the program has consistently brought to life Shell’s mission of powering progress with more and cleaner energy.

The global academic program brings together students from across the globe to design, build, and operate some of the world’s most energy-efficient vehicles. Through a mix of collaboration, innovation, and hard work these students’ bright ideas help to shape a lower carbon future for all.

What is the student event all about?
Since 2010, Pakistani student teams have regularly participated and competed in Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) events. But due to the ongoing pandemic, Shell has not held in-person regional and global SEM events in 2020 and 2021.

However, Pakistani student teams have been working hard on their cars for the competition expected in 2022. Staying in close coordination with industry experts during the hiatus, they have gained valuable advice on building energy-efficient vehicles that can make Pakistan proud on the international stage.


To encourage and motivate these student teams, Shell Pakistan is holding a student event where the teams can showcase their cars, share the innovative and fuel-efficient designs they have built, and receive advice and guidance from industry experts to gear up for the upcoming regional and global SEM competitions next year.

Which teams are participating?
The Shell Eco-Marathon 2021 will feature five teams from various educational institutes nationally, comprising 10 students each.

Here are the five teams that will be participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2021 competition:

Teams Institutes Location Location
Team Urban Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Topi Gasoline Urban
Team Envision Pakistan Navy Engineering College-NUST Karachi Battery-Electric Prototype
Team HammerHead Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Topi Battery-Electric Prototype
Team NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering-NUST Rawalpindi Gasoline Urban
Team NED Racers NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi Gasoline Urban

What will happen at the event?
The student teams have developed vehicles in two categories: Gasoline Urban and Battery-Electric prototypes. One winner will be selected in each category.

The event will involve a series of tests that will be done on the vehicles to determine the top contender.

Phase 1: In the first phase of the event, the teams will put their vehicles together and do test runs on them to make sure that all systems are operational.

Phase 2: In the second phase of the event, a panel of judges will conduct a thorough inspection of all vehicles, which will be followed by the initiation of the competition.

Given the name of the event, the competition will reward the vehicle that delivers optimal performance and fuel/energy consumption.

The performance of the vehicles will be measured against the following metrics:

Automobile drag coefficients
Rolling resistance coefficients
Unladen weight
Fuel consumption
Phase 3: In the third phase, the judges will compile the results based on their observations and general performance of the vehicles, and present awards to the winning team.

How to catch the event?
The Shell Eco-Marathon has been a showcase of the young students’ engineering prowess for over a decade and is widely regarded as one of the crucial platforms of innovation in the world of automobiles.

The student event is a great platform for young Pakistani engineers to practice their craft and foster a drive within themselves to contribute to the Pakistani automotive industry.


So do visit us on 14th October at 3 pm to catch the action live and get live updates as the Shell Eco-Marathon student event unfolds. For more information about the event, visit:

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