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Freelancing Opportunities in the Freelance world for Beginners


The world is changing and online advancements are at a peak. Fortunately, people are shifting from the “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle and taking matters into their own hands. Today’s youth is more interested in creating their own means of income and there are more than thousands of platforms that are providing these opportunities, all it takes is finding the right one.Freelancing Opportunities in the Freelance world for Beginners

What is a freelancing?
A Freelancer is a person who has a skill set worthy of selling but does not work for any specific person/company. They take projects at random from a local or international market.

Freelancing is a wonderful gig because it has the potential to make you nearly thousands of dollars per year all while doing something you are passionate about. The concept of freelancing is very common and there are more than a 54 million freelancers around the globe as of today.

In the article below I have provided the platforms that are widely used for freelancing opportunities and the categories where you can utilize your expertise to earn money. Do not worry, if you do not have any specific skill worth selling because I have also provided a portion in the article on how to develop and apply a skill as well. All it takes is some practice and in no time, you will be selling your skill.

Freelancing Opportunities in the Freelance world for Beginners
There are two types of freelancing platforms: Traditional and Non-Traditional freelancing platforms.

Traditional Freelancing Platforms Include:

Non-Traditional platform Include:

There is only one slight difference between both the categories. Non-Traditional freelancing platforms provide you the opportunity to create packages of your own services. You can also charge differently according to the effort and additional services you are going to provide them in that duration.

Freelancing Platforms provide many categories of service, the following are the most common.

1. Graphic Design
This is vast and highly demanding category within freelancing. Not only do big companies and organization require these services, but nowadays most small business also require it as well. For example an individual who is running a local restaurant, most buy their logos through a freelancer.

2. Web Designing
This is another category which is highly paid in freelancing. Today, everything requires a website. Whether it be a business, organization, group, etc. Most of those use freelancers to design and maintain their website.

3. Digital Marketing
I’d say this has to be one of the hottest markets for freelancing at the moment because everyone wants their business to reach the maximum amount of people as it possibly can. Now all you have to do is hire a freelancer to promote your business through social media, ads or organic traffic.

4. Data entry/ Data Scrapping
Many freelancers are working under this category because in this category people hire freelancers as Virtual Assistants and utilize their services for data entry purposes. As we know, keeping record of clients and gathering data of targeted audiences is crucial in order to promote correctly. Which is why there are freelancers who will do this for you.

5. Video Editing
Video editing needs certain specific skills. Freelancing of this category demand skills and people who know even how to add opening and endnotes can also earn a lot of money.

6. Article Writing
A lot of people are working under this category in freelancing. Mostly Websites and bloggers hire freelancers for these services. But here competition is very low and has a lot of potential for new freelancers.

7. UI / UX Designing
This is essentially the same as graphic designing, but it is specific to website and application design. Web developers will hire freelancers and task them to design an “attractive” and “user friendly” interface. Individuals who do freelancing in this category use figma or XT, which are easy tools to learn and use.

8. SEO
SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” this category is new in freelancing and its demand has increased rapidly. Search engine optimization enables websites, videos, social media pages/ accounts images to be shown in the top of a search list. There is a growing demand for this specific type of work as it is directly related to passive income.

9. Voice Overs
If you’re not camera shy, there a luckily free lancing opportunities where you can use your voice and appearance. Individuals will hire to make a video voice over for their desired video. Luckily, this one doesn’t take much skill as the script and video is provided prior, all you have to do, is speak.


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