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Here’s Everything You Wanted to Know About French Beach, Karachi!

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Here’s Everything You Wanted to Know About French Beach, Karachi! Looking for a picnic destination near Karachi? One of the beaches near Karachi is French Beach, and there’s a fascinating history behind how the beach got its name. Let’s learn more about French Beach, Karachi, how to book a hut at French Beach, and how to get to French Beach from Karachi.


Known to the locals as Haji Ali Goth, French Beach is actually a small fishing village in Karachi’s coastal area. According to the local tales, a pair of French individuals visited the beach due to its picturesque beauty a long time back, which gave this part of the coast its unique name.

Seeing the tourists’ love for nature and the beautiful rocky beach, the local fishermen began to build rough rental huts for picnickers. Over the years, the area gained a lot of popularity, and those small, roughly built huts gave way to beach villas that are now owned by Karachi’s elite.

In contrast to the other beaches on Karachi’s shoreline, French Beach is not a soft sand beach. It is a shoreline filled with jagged rocks that give way to a pebbly beach. Visitors recommend wearing flip flops at all times to avoid cutting yourself on the sharp edges, but the view and beauty are well worth a trip.

The location of French Beach places it between Paradise Point—another beach that was quite famous in the 80s and 90s—and Hawke’s Bay—a beach almost every Karachiite has been to. While all these beaches are located along the same stretch of Mauripur Road, at a short distance from one another, French Beach is set farther away from the main road, on a dedicated track named French Beach Road that can take you to the shoreline and the water.

French Beach, Karachi, is a fairly secured beach surrounded by a boundary wall, which makes it a favorite picnic destination for elite Karachiites. This is why, in spite of being a public beach, access is restricted to those who own or have rented a hut in the area. Unfortunately, if you want to book a hut at French Beach, there is no easy answer to this query.

While access is somewhat limited to owners and renters, it is nearly impossible to find someone who actually owns or is willing to rent out a hut on French Beach. Several corporations do own their own huts there and usually use it for their annual company picnics. Having contacts to renting any one of these huts or tagging along with someone going there are among the sure-fire ways of visiting French Beach for the day.

Alternatively, consider posting your request for renting a beach hut on French Beach online on social forums and groups, and you might find an owner who is willing to rent out their premises for the day and give you permission to visit French Beach. Visiting French Beach without a hut reservation is also a possibility, but there is no guarantee that access will be granted to your vehicle or that you’ll find a hut ready to rent on the spot.

If you’ve successfully reserved a French Beach, Karachi, hut for your private picnic or are heading there on a corporate one, you should know just what to expect. Here are some activities to enjoy at French Beach:

-Swimming in the clean water among the waves
-Scuba diving for an underwater experience
-Surfing for those who know how to catch the best waves
-Cruising on jet skis along the shoreline
-Windsurfing on smaller boats for an adrenaline rush
-Kayaking for two with lots of arm strength needed to paddle out into the water
-Fishing with the locals to catch your own meal

Here are some things to keep in mind when you visit French Beach, Karachi:

-Book a French Beach hut in advance
-The village has electricity but no running water, so make sure that your hut has a full water tank and a water pump to get water to the taps
-Always take a change of clothes and a spare pair of flip flops with you.
-Pack your own supply of food and water for the day as you will not find eateries near the hut
-The beach is open 24 hours, but your stay’s duration will vary based on your hut’s booking


Now you know all about planning a picnic at French Beach, Karachi. If you’re unable to find a hut here, check out these other amazing beaches in Karachi for a perfect picnic. What’s more, you’ll also find a beach hut in Karachi if you know how to go about it.


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