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High CPC Keywords in Pakistan


The top 10 High CPC keywords in Pakistan for the year 2022 are what we’ll list today. The majority of you have been requesting that we post the most recent information on Pakistan’s best-paying Google AdSense CPC keywords.

First off, Pakistan is currently the fifth most populous nation on earth. Furthermore, according to statistics for 2020–2021, Pakistan has an internet utilization rate of around 45%. As a result, it’s crucial to be aware of Pakistan’s high CPC niches if you run a Google AdSense blog. This is due to the fact that, given the vast population and usage of the internet, you will be able to profit well from your online business.

It goes without saying that the reason these AdSense keywords pay so well is that the businesses who provide the Ads offer their website visitors a lot of value. They can therefore afford to spend hundreds of dollars to attract specific clients.

High CPC Keyword in Pakistan

Currently, Banking, Credit and Debit Cards, and smartphones are the highest CPC keywords in Pakistan in 2022.

We also have other high CPC keywords in Pakistan that are high-paying for the Google AdSense as well as the YouTube Partner Program. Below is a PDF list of the high or highest-paying CPC keywords and best AdSense niches you should major in Pakistan in the current year, 2022.

Top 10 High CPC keywords in Pakistan 2022

  1. Banking. It’s the high or highest CPC Keyword in Pakistan from 2021 to 2022 (PDF).
  2. Credit and Debit Cards. It’s the second-highest CPC keyword in Pakistan in the current year 2022.
  3. Smartphone and mobile phones.
  4. Women and Men Fashion.
  5. Fast Foods.
  6. Internet and Telecom companies plus outlets.
  7. Buy a Domain Name.
  8. Home and Mortgage Loan.
  9. Web Hosting for Small Business. And finally,
  10. Online Car Insurance Companies and services.

Others High CPC keywords in Pakistan

  • Banking
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Smartphone and Mobiles
  • Women and Man Fashion
  • Fast Food
  • Telecom
  • Buy a Domain Name
  • Home Loan
  • Web Hosting for Small Business
  • Online Car Insurance
  • Laptops in Pakistan
  • Scholarship for Pakistani Students
  • Study in Abroad
  • Auto Accident Attorney
  • Data Recovery Raid
  • Personal Home & Car Loan
  • Software

after picking the appropriate keywords. The second major issue people have is deciding on a blogging specialty. This is crucial because if you choose the appropriate niche, you may make a nice living. I primarily learned this from blogs.

You’ll be in a wonderful position if you can locate a niche you actually enjoy. They are correct, but if you choose the niche, there is a lot of competition. Then, you have to put in a lot of effort to rank for that specialty in Google’s top 10. We all know that your blog’s niche will have a significant impact on your Google Adsense earnings. If you selected that highly competitive niche. If so, your prospects of earning are very low. You can make money from sites with heavy competition, but not so much from markets with low competition and high CPC. So let’s go to the list of sites where you have a strong chance of making a lot of money.

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