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How to Boost Up Your Mind!

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How to Boost Up Your Mind!: Nowadays, we all need to relax our minds by staying connected but by living apart. Interaction among humans boost up their mind and keep them productive for the society. Having engaged with the people around keeps their depression at bay and helps them to stay upbeat. In this century, though we are under arrest of a huge wave of depression and we can’t even ignore the reality of the pandemic but we can boost up our mental health by adapting following habits.

1) Get in touch with soil: To get your hands dirty whether by playing in the garden of your backyard or in the park of the community in order to grow vegetables or by planting flowers is a great way to enhance happiness. In order to bring people outside in the fresh air or to absorb refreshing sunlight by having some activity in the community garden actually improves our health. Now what to do with the product? How can it help people? Donate it to the poor or send flowers to the orphans and to the patients. This one good virtue of you can bring a smile to the face of deprived people.

2) Cleanup Crew: Be a soldier during this pandemic by cleaning up homes and streets. We all know trash and litter draw rodents and bacteria to our natural resources so, organize an army against the trash. How will it help you? You will eventually got a sense of neighborhood pride while having a walk on cleaner sidewalks.

3) Ring the bell of the door next to you: People living next to our home who have limited access to nutritious food and a clean environment need our attention and help. Now here are the tips to get started: First, gather volunteers, secondly have some goals and then do the work. It may be of any kind. Sometimes, it is as simple as offering someone a ride to the hospital. Simple and cute acts of kindness like moving the grass or bringing meals to the poor, go a long way.

To cop up with the stress during COVID-19 is different for all of us but deep frustrations rarely come to the surface on their own. Even by staying apart, face-to-face interaction only reminds those who live by themselves that they are not alone.


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