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How to Start Your Own Business without Investment


In today’s world of online advancement, finding ideas of business is very plausible. While there are opportunities available at every age group, the idea of a business without investment is probably where these opportunities differ. You might be thinking that “it isn’t possible to start and grow your own business without investment.” Well, my friends, luckily for you, it is possible to start a business without investment. The concept is new and a very rare idea. However, this isn’t a short of the process of creating a true concept of a business. It requires patience, consistency, and a lot of research. In this article, I am going to tell you to step by step all the things that are necessary to start your own business without investment.

1. Clear you mind
The very first step to start your business without investment is to clear your mind. What this means is that when you open the internet, you see a lot of ads of companies selling their products. You might be interested in their products and want to sell the same products. Whenever you encounter any product that has more demand and also offering good profit ratios, your mind will automatically and un-intentionally be diverted to that. That is one of the great mistakes that people do while starting their own business without investment. Clear your mind and think of your interests and focus on these things:

What are you passionate about
What you want to do
What are you expertise
What you can offer (a service or a product)
Where you can sell that
What are the ways
What are resources available with you

After processing and brainstorming through all these things you are ready to move to next step and prepare to start your business without investment.

2. Select a product or service
After clearing your mind you can now do research on the internet of what products and services you are interested in. After writing down all the products and services, short list and pick your favorite products and services. Remember, you are aiming to start a business without investment, so choose your product or service accordingly. There are many individuals who aim to do business without investment but they fail to do so because:

They do not know what they are choosing
They do not know whether they are able to provide services or not
They do not know the requirements
The do not know who is going to purchase their service or product

These all happen because of a poor amount of research and not carefully selecting the product or services they are selling.

3. Design your product or service
After selecting a product and service, the question arises about what the design will be? Let us talk about the product first, If you want to design a product like a mug, t-shirt, stationary, sports items or any other object, there are a lot of online softwares you can use to design that specific product. Some of them are:

Now let us talk about services, If you want to sell your services, like if you are a web designer or graphic expert or a virtual assistant, video editing, let it be anything. There are a lot of websites which allow you to make your own platform and sell your services like a freelance website.

4.Market your product or service
First of all, make a website for your product. You must have a website specifically for this purpose because the internet provides you access to more areas, more people and for your product and service to reach more people if you have a website. Here are some of the platforms which allows you to create free website and provide a hosting service.
After creating a website, create pages on all the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In order to reach more people, join the respective groups, and promote your services in those groups. Make sure you don’t forget to advertise on your own pages as well. Even ask your friends and family for promotions. In order to start your business without investment, you have to utilize the maximum amount of free resources available on the internet.

5. Deliver your product or service
A common question that arises within this topic is “if I do not have money then how can I deliver a product without investment.” Well the answer to your question is to search for the suppliers who will simply deliver the product for you. After listing all of the suppliers who offer this service, contact them and ask them for the minimum amount orders that they take and also inquire about the prices. Once you have asked about the prices and selected the supplier then order a sample of your product. If you are satisfied with the sample, now is the time to take the orders from the market. When the orders reach a minimum demand of suppliers then you can order the product to be sent out. Soon after the arrival, deliver the product and send the payments to the suppliers. This is the way you can start doing your own business without investment.

I hope this has article has been helpful for you. Hopefully you have formed a better idea as to how you can start a business without investment.


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