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How To Write a CV? To 10 Resume Writing Tips


Learn How To Write A CV
CV is just like a trailer of a movie. If a trailer is impressive, it will definitely compel the people to watch the full movie. Many job seekers do not take a CV as an important part of their job search campaign. CV writing has become a science nowadays. An impressive CV can win a job for you. In this post, we shall discuss that how to write a CV. A perfect CV reflects your talent in a convincing way.

CV writing is the test of your communication, writing, and creative skills. It means that your message should be clear, precise, simple, convincing, and targeted. So do not follow a template and try to write unique resumes for different jobs with masterly hands.

Presentation of your job-related strengths is also a very important factor. A resume is just like a self-appraisal or self-assessment. First, you should be aware of your self-worth, otherwise, you can never impress anybody. Write a Resume when you are in the winning state of mind. In such a state of mind, you can express yourself better for getting an interview call. Take resume writing as your first project or job assignment. Express your expertise to get the attention of decision-makers.  But never tell the whole story in your resume, just highlight the key features of yourself. A resume should be like a precise summary of your job-related strong points.


How To Write a CV
Remember that the primary object of a CV is not to win a job for you, it is written to get an appointment for an interview with the employer. It can include you in the list of short-listed candidates. Your approach at the time of CV writing should be future-oriented as an employer takes more interest in the benefits which he may have in case of hiring you rather than in your past. So try to prove your selection as a profitable decision by the management. Result speaks louder than arguments. Don’t take resume as your autobiography. But it does not mean at all that one should ignore his past achievements at all. Read this paragraph once again as it is the essence of this article.

How To Write A CV
Here we shall discuss some important rules for writing a CV.

    1. The CV should neither be too long nor be very small. The ideal length is just one page but it largely depends upon the situation.
    2. Write the details in an organized manner and it should also be well formatted. Write small paragraphs and try to avoid unwanted details.
    3. Wrong spelling, typing, and grammatical mistakes can reduce your selection chances.
    4. Avoid too many irrelevant details e.g height, religion, nationality, weight, sex, material status, and sect.
    5. Avoid overwriting. Avoid using use fancy fonts, images, color paper, and designs. 
    6. Provide just necessary supporting data. Try to write a CV in your own words. My resume should be readable and it should also look professional. Write your contact details at the top.
    7. The Maximum recommended size of a paragraph is fifteen lines. Visual appearance must be attractive.
    8. Don’t forget to attach an impressive cover letter. Last but not least read our following articles too.

Top Resume Writing Tips

Adding Personal Information
The first important point which you have to keep in your mind is your personal information data. You have to mention the correct data and sources so that the company can contact you later, add and mention your activated mobile phone number and email address, mention you’re correct home address.

Stating Your Mission
On the top part of your CV, you have to state your mission line, you need to tell your objective and the reason that why you are applying to this company in just two to three lines. These lines have to be strong and impressive.

Do Paste Your Picture on Your CV
Then it is important for you to attach your picture to the CV, it will leave a professional impression. This picture should not be a selfie picture and it should not be a candid picture too, paste the professional picture on your resume.

Add Your Educational Information
Then adding the educational information to your CV, is another important requirement. Start from your school then end this academic information to your university academic line. Mention the complete name of your institution, it is also important to mention your academic years and if you have good grades in your academic life, you can mention that too.

Add Your Professional Work Experience
Then there is a requirement for you to add your work experience, you can start these details from the internship part. Do mention all details and info of your work experience.

List Down Your Achievements
Then listing down your achievements, is important too, this is a simple way to convince the company that you are a suitable candidate for this job.

Mention Your Skills
You also have to mention your skills, like if you have MS skills or you know how to use Adobe photoshop or you know the use of SPSS, then mention these things in your resume.

Add References If Required
If the company demands from you any of the references, then you can mention this single line on your CV that they will be furnished on demand.

Mention About Your Certifications
You need to mention and write about your certifications too, all of them are important requirements because they will make you a strong candidate.

Keep Your CV Up To Two Pages
You have to keep your CV document up to two pages only, just keep it in the limited form and make it more impressive.

Essential Parts of Every Format of CV

Contact information
It is the most important part of your CV and you should provide every possible detail of your contact information. You must write who you are, where do you live and how you can be contacted. There is no need to label or categorizing your contact information. Just write it at the top of your resume. You should provide the following contact information.

  • Name
  • Postal address with zip code
  • Telephone number, landline(work and home), and cell, as applicable
  • Fax number. Most of you people do not have it but you can get a free fax number from internet-connected with your email address. You can send and receive faxes absolutely free of cost through free internet fax service provider websites. You can get your own personal local or toll-free fax number through these sites. So try and share this information with your friends.
  • An active Email address


Career history or Career highlights
This is called the body of CV which contains obvious but vital information about yourself. This section is most important from the employer’s point of view. Employers want to know about your work history. You must write this part of the resume carefully. Don’t forget to label this section to draw the attention of interviewers. Never leave flaws in this part of your resume and try to highlight your career achievements in a convincing manner.

Education and training
This section includes information about your education and professional training. Here are some tips regarding this section

  • If you have recently completed your education and going to apply for your first job then this section will be the body of your CV. So you should put your educational credentials at the top of the CV and try to highlight your educational achievements.
  • If your degree or any training relates directly to the nature of the job, list it first.
  • If your your have studied a subject related to your job type in any course, mention it. Even if you have done a short course of certificate in the relative field or attended a workshop/seminar never forget to include it in your resume.
  • If you had got some award or scholarship, highlight it.
  • List your computer-related courses.
  • If you have any special skill that relates to your job you may include it too in this section.

Optional elements in a resume
You can include many kinds of information in your resume according to the situation. But it depends that how much space you have after completing the three key areas and how much important is that information for the employer and yourself. For example, you can add objectives if you are applying for a very specific position or you don’t have any work experience. You may also include a summary. It’s just like a headline in a newspaper.

A good summary grabs the employer’s attention. If you decide to include a summary, then label it and put it at the top of the page, just beneath your contact information. A targeted and powerful summary compels the reader to read the full resume. You can label a summary in several ways e.g career profile, overview, professional profile, etc. You may also mention your involvement in any professional or civic association if it’s not controversial. One last thing, always attach a cover letter with your resume. A cover letter is necessary with every format of CV.


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