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Jamal Ahmed

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Mr. Jamal Ahmed is currently enrolled in BS Textile Engineering from National Textile University Faisalabad a great leader with a bundle of skills and is a social activist from Pakistan. He join Youth for Pakistan as a Vice President in 2019 and work very hard for youth. He plays an important role in welfare works and in NGIL competitions as a director of many competitions honestly.

He is a human rights defender and has been working on pluralism, voluntarily in welfare foundations, diversity, and interfaith harmony, also he’s leading a couple of organizations. He participated in a Policymaking competition by National Dialogue Forum Islamabad with the collaboration of the Young Peace and Development Corps YPDC held at the University of Lahore Pakistan and his team won the competition and secured the second position all over Pakistan. He has been engaged in activism since his teenage. Through his leadership, activism, and sociality, hundreds of thousands of people have been benefiting in many ways. He always believes in pulling young people up. He knows effective leaders are those who can make decisions quickly with the information they have, relationship building or team building, problem-solving, dependability.

Mr Jamal Ahmed has been working in many other social societies as a campus Vice President at Young Peace and Development Corps YPDC by National Dialogue Forum NDF Islamabad, as a Director Admin Events at WALL OF HOPE, as a District General secretary at Marham International Welfare foundation, etc. Moreover, he has been appointed as a District Faisalabad Representative by Professional Excellence Group PEG, and working for the young engineers, their problems with deliberations, and in Pakistan Engineering Councils Elections 2021, he leads Faisalabad and also he was a part of organizing team of 2nd International Conference on Technical Textiles held at National Textile University Pakistan.

Mr. Jamal Ahmed has been engaged in social networking and created a positive impact on his lads by providing real-life lessons and practical models from his own life and have a number of tricks that how to execute leadership skills in social life. This is where he stands today and he’s happy to say he has contributed to changing the lives of people in millions. His passion for community development, humanity and his communications and leadership skills leads him to represent Youth For Pakistan as a PRESIDENT Campus Board at National Textile University Faisalabad.


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