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Law Admission Test Preparation Course 2022


Law Admission Test Preparation Course 2022: Looking to ace the Law Admission Test? Then you don’t have to worry as Youth For Pakistan has started an online Course for LAT. We have designed a simplified yet effective course to prepare well and give your best shot!

Course Outline

a detailed and comprehensive online course for your preparation has been designed.

Course Module:

  • Provided an Ultimate Guide for LAT,  a complete Book from Youth For Pakistan with more than 650 pages, covering 10 Personal Statements, 50 Essays, more than 5000 MCQs on all Subjects, including all solved papers.
  • Comprehensive live video lectures of all subjects on Zoom with expert instructors. 
  • Revised Notes and Guess Paper for 2022 and daily Online Mock Test on HEC Pattern.
  • Personal assistance, guidance on WhatsApp 24/7 for all subjects.

LAT Test Preparation Ultimate Guide for LAT Contents:

General Knowledge Section
⮚ Countries and their Capitals
⮚ International Organizations
⮚ List of Secretary Generals of UN
⮚ Brief Notes on Some Commonly Questioned International Organizations
⮚ International Organizations (Headquarters & President/General Secretary)
⮚ Important Books & Their Authors
⮚ Foreign Words & Phrases
⮚ Famous IT companies and their Founders
⮚ Important News Agencies
⮚ List of Presidents of the United States of America
⮚ Important Streets and Reasons they are Famous for
⮚ Parliaments of Different Countries of the World
⮚ Famous Travelers in History
⮚ Stock Exchanges in the World
⮚ International Boundary Lines
⮚ Old and New Names of Countries
⮚ World Cities with Old Names
⮚ Armies of some Countries in the World
⮚ Famous Paintings
⮚ Intelligence Agencies of the World
⮚ List of Famous Autobiographies
⮚ Refugee Camps in the World
⮚ Important Days (2019) and their Themes
⮚ More International Days
⮚ International Decades
⮚ List of World’s Famous Squares
⮚ List of World’s Famous Towers
⮚ Nicknames of Countries and Cities
⮚ Countries/Cities by Population
⮚ Military Operations in the Near Past
⮚ Cities on the Banks of Rivers
⮚ Facts Related to World’s Lakes/Rivers
⮚ List of a few World Popular Leaders and Political Parties
⮚ Highest Military Awards of Countries
⮚ A Short List of Facts Related to Flags and National Emblems
⮚ Important Wars and Resolutions
⮚ World History
⮚ Some International Airlines
⮚ Nobel Prize
⮚ Pakistan Nobel Laureates
⮚ Nobel Prize Winners of 2018
⮚ Parliamentary Terminologies

Islamic Studies Section
⮚ Fundamentals of Islam
⮚ Fundamentals of Islam
⮚ Fundamentals of Islam
⮚ Fundamentals of Faith
⮚ The Holy Divine Books
⮚ Sources of Islamic Shariah
⮚ Eminent Islamic Jurists
⮚ The Holy Quran
⮚ Surahs in the names of Prophets
⮚ Hadith
⮚ Sihah-e-Sitta
⮚ Important Personalities in Islam
⮚ Rate of Zakat
⮚ Utilization of Zakat
⮚ Biography of the Holy Prophet
⮚ The Holy Prophet’s Life in Makkah
⮚ The Holy Prophet’s Life in Madinah
⮚ First in Islam
⮚ The Pious Caliphate
⮚ The Great Generals in the History of Islam
⮚ Eminent Muslims and their Fields of Repute
⮚ Nisab of Zakat for Animals
⮚ Zakat on Gold and Silver
⮚ Important Islamic Terminologies
⮚ Names of Islamic Months

Pakistan Studies
⮚ First Cabinet of Pakistan
⮚ Some Valleys in Pakistan
⮚ Old Names of Cities in Pakistan
⮚ Tombs of Sufis and Saints in Pakistan
⮚ Major Institution of Pakistan
⮚ Famous Colleges/Universities of Pakistan and their Date of Establishment
⮚ List of Important Minerals and their Location in Pakistan
⮚ Top Experts of Pakistan
⮚ Power Plants of Pakistan
⮚ Name of Important Military Operations in Pakistan
⮚ Judicial System of Pakistan
⮚ Pakistani Ambassadors in UN
⮚ Operations Conducted by the Pakistan Army on UN Missions
⮚ Largest, Smallest, Highest & The First in Pakistan
⮚ Facts (Constitutional History)
⮚ Brief List of Commonly Asked Articles of the Constitution of Pakistan
⮚ Islamic Reformers and their Eminent Work in Indo-Pak History
⮚ Pre-Partition Timeline
⮚ Post-Partition Timeline

Mathematics Section
● Basic Arithmetic
● Number Sets
● Fractions
● Decimals
● Ratios and Proportions
● Practice Exercise
● Average and Combined Rates
● Practice Exercise
● Percentage
● Practice Exercise
● Quantitative Brief Review
● Practice Exercise
● Basic Geometrical Shapes
● Practice Exercise

English Section
● List of Common Preposition
● List of Prepositional Phrases
● Solved Exercise
● Quick Vocabulary Building
● English Vocabulary Word Lists
● Practice Exercise (Spellings)
Vocabulary for Synonyms and Antonyms
● Synonyms and Antonyms
● Solved Exercises
● Practice Tests
● Practice Tests
● Error Identification
● Practice Questions

Self Description
● A Descriptive Guide to Writing Self-Description.
● How To Write Self Description?

50 English Essays
Current Affairs

Law Admission Test Preparation Course 2022


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