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List of High Income Skills to Learn


Every job demands a mix of technical and workplace skills, and here is a List of High Income Skills to Learn. The best way to propel your career (and income) forward is to learn a high-income skill and find employers/clients to pay you for it.

According to a 2022 research from McKinsey & Company [1], high-income talents are instruments and expertise that employers frequently appreciate highly and may make it simpler to move occupations and even industries. These work abilities may be uncommon, yet they’re frequently essential to managing a successful company.

You might wish to emphasise your high-earning skills in your portfolio as you work to advance your career or change your focus. You might be able to use these abilities to achieve your wage objectives depending on the career path you want to take.

Many people put in a lot of labour yet still face financial difficulties. It’s common to be overworked and underpaid. The harsh reality is that some skills bring in better pay than others, even while not all lower-paying jobs are necessarily inferior than more lucrative ones.

They go by the name of high income skills. the skill sets that clients and companies are willing to pay more for. It’s a terrific strategy to boost your earning potential and improve your financial status to develop these skills and information.

How Do You Develop High Income Skills?

The majority of highly competent employees with high incomes opt to pursue trade or certificate-specific training instead of taking regular college courses (not full-time or for a degree). Learning almost everything in life costs time and money. Only a few of the skills on this list can be honed with good looks and charm to get you the money you want.

You’ll discover that a lot of the abilities on this list are connected. The “associated talents” column has been added for this reason. If you decide to establish your own business, be ready to work alone at first until you have enough money to hire out some of the less exciting tasks.

Working at your own pace as an entrepreneur enables you to escape the J.O.B. You are not being held back by other team members, needless meetings, or other workplace distractions. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to develop a method for producing something just once and selling it to several clients.


Writing that is specifically designed to sell a product is known as copywriting. The internet is full of copywriting examples. However, it is considered copywriting if the words are intended to inform. You’ll see that this is a really pertinent ability that connects to many of the other ones on our list.

How to Acquire This Ability

On the web, a number of businesses and organisations provide copywriting courses. In fact, a few of them even provide certificates, which are helpful for beginning copywriters.

What Can You Do With This Skill?

This high-paying expertise is practically portable. Since there aren’t many skilled copywriters, if you can perfect your trade, you won’t ever have to worry about money. By receiving a cut of the sales that their content produces, some copywriters can earn seven-figure salaries.

Content Creation/Content Marketing

When you write educational information and either sell the content itself or sell advertising on the website for which you created the content, you are engaging in content production or content marketing. Actually, when most people think of content marketing, they also think of blogging.

But running a blog is not a business. It is a strategy for drawing customers to a website where you will make a sale to them. If you blog for leisure and have no intention of using it for content marketing, you have a passion of creating free content.

Paid speakers frequently receive compensation to deliver practical information at conferences and events, in addition to producing content for an internet business or blog. As a result, top-tier subject-matter specialists with practical experience can earn a sizable sum of money by travelling to impart their knowledge in person.

How to Acquire This Ability

If you have completed high school, you already possess the necessary skills to work as a content marketer or creator. Even without subject-matter expertise, anyone can create content. All you need is some common sense and the capacity for thorough investigation on any subject.

The fundamental skills are research and writing, but there are also online businesses that will offer specialised training in content marketing from a commercial standpoint.

What Can You Do With This Skill?

You are a content marketer if you can create engaging material that will draw visitors to your website so you can sell them e-books or advertise on it. This is closely related to affiliate marketing, however the distinction is that you are selling your own material here rather than that of others.

Online Course Creation

The construction of online courses is currently one of the most popular trends in internet marketing. You do this by developing an online course that you then market to those who are interested in learning about what you know and how it might help them. Naturally, you must possess a relevant talent that you can impart, but this can be avoided with careful investigation.

Have you taken any enjoyable online courses? Do you have any personal experience to add to the course’s existing material? After that, you can mimic the course, being careful not to replicate it but rather to rephrase the information in your own words, depending on your personal knowledge of the subject.

Online learning presents several opportunities, particularly with the current rise in online events. Even when there are free materials available online, consumers will still pay for the work you did to organise and display the information in a comprehensible way.

There are several learning platforms and programmes that make creating courses easy. The “expertise” component is the most challenging, but it can be overcome.

How to Acquire This Ability

By following the tutorials on any learning site, such as Udemy, you can learn how to create courses and raise your yearly income. Every platform has a unique way of creating courses, and other software providers have course-builder tools you can use on your website.

What Can You Do With This Skill?

You can offer course development services to people who have the knowledge but lack the technical know-how to complete a course once you understand how to use the various tools for creating online courses. You can swiftly move into the next salary bracket with a significantly greater income if you have any experience as a video editor.

Graphic Designer

The visual components of advertisements, both online and offline, are made by graphic designers. They are the ones who develop logos, banners, and the adorable characters used to market goods. They shouldn’t be mixed up with web designers, who can build websites without drawing a single line. Graphic design, however, calls for some artistic ability.

I hired a designer from Fiverr to create the Arrest Your Debt logo that you see at the top of this website. In order to better convey a point I want to make, I frequently work with graphic artists to produce infographics for my pages. Small business owners can artistically present their personal brands with the assistance of graphic designers.

How to Acquire This Ability

Online or at your neighbourhood community college or university, you can master the fundamentals of graphic design. It’s not necessary to finish a degree programme to gain advantages from attending college-level graphic design courses. You may find many free internet resources to learn design skills if you have a high school diploma. Additionally, technical colleges could provide graphic design courses.

What Can You Do With This Skill?

A skill that is in high demand is graphic design. You can set up shop as a freelancer or work for a media company, publication, or newspaper. A graphic designer is necessary for anything that calls for a visual component. There are a variety of freelance websites where you can showcase your work portfolio and find opportunities.

Web Designer

In this instance, a web designer uses website builders like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and many others to develop websites. They don’t produce original JavaScript or CSS. The subsequent skill, web development, includes that. Although graphic design and web design are closely related, a web designer does not produce visuals. They may utilise the work of others.

How to Acquire This Ability

Each unique website-building platform typically has free lessons on how to use their software, and there are numerous online courses available. Additionally, your local community college might offer courses.

What Can You Do With This Skill?

Another very sought-after freelance expertise is this one. Of course, you could design a huge company’s website while working for them, but you probably wouldn’t get paid as well as you would as a freelancer.

The big earners in this industry are typically independent contractors who can charge a high cost for the valuable and uncommon skill sets they offer. Advanced digital networking and word-of-mouth marketing can boost the credibility of the offered web design services.

Web Developer

The technical wizards who power websites are called web developers. They are proficient in JavaScript, CSS, and other platforms like Ruby on Rails or Joomla. They are able to create a website without using a platform like WordPress or Wix. Compared to web design, this is a considerably more technical approach to websites.

The median pay for web developers at Microsoft is among the highest in the corporate sector.

How to Acquire This Ability

You can take online courses to learn the technical abilities required for web development.

What Can You Do With This Skill?

Once more, this is a great talent for independent contractors. The majority of big businesses also employ web developers. However, you might earn much more as an independent contractor provided your CV and job history can support your freelance pricing.

Software Developer

Apps are made by software engineers. By offering connections to external programmes and back-end databases, they can also support web development. Software development is important anywhere that computers are used, of course. The folks who make ideas come to life and instruct machines to perform tasks are known as software developers. The field of software development has a specialty for mobile app development.

How to Acquire This Ability

Using online courses, you can educate yourself on programming. The only one of these skills that can benefit from traditional college training is programming, yet most programmers are self-taught. Even without understanding how to code, it’s possible to create an app these days thanks to software.

If you don’t want to work for yourself, you’ll probably need to enrol in college courses in one or more programming languages, such Java, JavaScript, Python, etc., to learn how to create apps. Another great resource to develop these tech abilities and lay a solid foundation is CodeAcademy.

What Can You Do With This Skill?

You can utilise your talent to create any kind of application you can imagine, sell it on an app store like Apple’s or Google’s, or work as a freelance programmer for others who have application ideas. Additionally, you can work as a coder for businesses like HP, Apple, etc., although the majority of firms want a college degree.

Project Management

You can absolutely enrol in college to earn a four-year degree in project management, but more employers are choosing not to hire engineers with traditional education.

Recently Google has announced Grow.Google which offers certificates through Coursera for specific fields.

The Google Project Management Certificate facilitates entry into the rapidly expanding field of project management. Graduates get knowledge of how to manage items using cutting-edge techniques and technology.

Data Analyst

In order to assist people in becoming ready for an entry-level data analyst employment, Google offers the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. Don’t be misled by the “entry-level” description, though. According to Glassdoor, Google Data Analysts make an average of $98,812 per year.

The Google data analytics course can be the ideal fit for you if you enjoy dealing with numbers, spotting patterns, and learning about the newest trends.

UX Design Specialist

UX design specialists are in high demand because user experience (UX) is a key consideration when it comes to websites and mobile applications. The Google UX Design Professional Certificate has been made public by Google as an alternate way to acquire a high-demand skill without going to a recognised university.

You will learn the fundamentals of UX design in this certificate programme and create your own prototypes that will boost sales and revenue for other businesses.


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