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Muhammad Fahad Ali

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Muhammad Fahad Ali is a Human Rights defender, a peace activist, and a Scout Leader. He has been working on pluralism, diversity, and interfaith harmony, also he’s leading a couple of organizations and running projects on Sustainable development goals. He has been engaged in advocacy and activism since his teenage. Likes to uphold humanitarian causes and advocating the undiscovered has always been his passion. Therefore, we realized how positively he’s a born leader to lead from the front. Through his leadership, activism, and advocacy, hundreds of thousands of people have been benefiting in many ways. Since he generated and directed the Scouts Club where for the first time, it was challenging to produce new leaders into the world of humanitarian causes. He did it with consistency and determination. He always believes in pulling young people up. Therefore, his leadership is always flexible and mentoring.

He has been engaged in social networking and created a positive impact on his lads by providing real-life lessons and practical models from his own life. He’s proud to see how his lads take himself as a role model to follow where he taught them how to execute their leadership skills. This is where he stands today and he’s happy to say he has contributed to changing the lives of people in millions. His passion for community development, humanity and his communications and leadership skills leads him to represent Youth For Pakistan as President Campus Board at UMT.



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