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    Health experts link typhoid surge to lack of immunisation in Sindh

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    Health experts link typhoid surge to lack of immunisation in Sindh: Typhoid infection cases are increasing exponentially across Sindh, including Karachi, possibly due to a large number of children who are still not immunized against the infection, health experts told Geo News.

    This year, an estimated 174,818 children were infected with typhoid across Sindh, with 15 children losing their lives to the infection.

    According to sources, Naushero Feroze reported the highest number of typhoid cases, with 33,568 children, under the age of 12 being infected, while Karachi reported cases with 108 children infected in District East.

    The rising concern is that only 4694 children are being treated in the hospital, sources said.

    Other cities in Sindh that have reported typhoid cases include five in Mirpur Khas, four in Tando Mohammad Khan, two in Jacobabad, and one each in Ghotki and Shikarpur.

    In Karachi alone, this year has seen 11,342 cases of typhoid in children.

    Health experts and the Pakistan Pediatric Association have expressed reservations regarding the government’s Expanded Immunisation program (EPI), claiming that a large number of children in the province have not received typhoid vaccination, contributing to the rapid surge in cases.

    Since Sindh’s schools reopened, the number of cases has increased significantly, the report found.

    According to a health official, EPI coverage is increasing daily, and it is the parents’ responsibility to vaccinate their children for a better future. All necessary vaccines are available for free, and parents only need to bring their children to the nearest vaccination center, the sources reported.

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