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    Lahore traffic police slaps car owner with heavy fine

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    Lahore traffic police slaps car owner with heavy fine: Traffic police in Lahore on Tuesday managed to capture a man who had 166 e-challans registered against his car for breaking traffic rules in the Nawan Kot area of the city. 

    Police said that after interrogation, the person was allowed to go but his vehicle documents were seized.

    The man had broken traffic signals 142 times, was issued a ticket for changing lanes improperly 12 times, and had also violated the stop line rule multiple times. Consequently, he was slapped with a fine of Rs80,400, traffic police said, adding that his documents would only be returned once he pays the fine.

    Taking to Twitter, Lahore Traffic Police informed citizens that if they want to check how many e-challans have been registered against their vehicles, they can send their car’s chassis number via SMS to 8815. 

    What is e-challan?

    According to the website of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), an e-challan is a traffic violation reporting system. It is an Android-based mobile application that helps the traffic police verify the license status of a person who has violated traffic laws. The system also allows the traffic police to issue traffic violation tickets to motorists on the spot.

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