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    Wasim Akram schools youth after firing on New Year’s Eve kills boy

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    Wasim Akram schools youth after firing on New Year’s Eve kills boy: While wishing his fans a happy new year, Pakistan’s legendary cricketer Wasim Akram requested parents to tell their children to “stop showing off” after celebratory gunfire in Karachi claimed the life of a boy and injured several others.

    The former star pacer explained in a video posted to his Twitter that by “showing off” he means “firing at midnight—— thaa thooo——you are not a Rambo, go by some pathakahs or fireworks, like I did last time for my daughter, chotay anaar, Choti phuljari.”

    The cricket legend reminded the youth that bullets fired into the air will eventually come down, and a stray bullet can hit anyone.

    It can be a man walking down the street or a family member, he said, adding that we need to evolve as a nation, but that isn’t happening.

    He stated that we are still following the trends of the 1970s and expressed hope that the youth will understand his message.

    Wasim concluded by wishing the viewers good health and a Happy New Year.

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