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    Apple iPhone SE to Launch Soon

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    Apple iPhone SE to Launch Soon: Ever since the Apple Bionic A15 chipset testing, the rumors of Apple iPhone SE have also started. The most recent news was that Apple has started testing the new model. Many experts are of the view that the Apple iPhone SE will launch soon.

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    Apple SE is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022, according to MacRumors. It is said that the new model will be equipped with 5G connectivity. It is further said that the SE model will the first model for Apple that will be for the mid-range market. The beloved iPhone design will not be changed according to MacRumors.

    According to tipster Ross Young, Apple will be calling the new iPhone, iPhone SE Plus 2022. The display size will be a 4.7-inch. From the experience with the 2020 iPhone SE, we can expect a new set of rear and front cameras.

    Even though the 2022 SE is expected to be equipped with an A15 Bionic chipset, but the Touch ID will not be back.

    Apple with its wide range of iPhone variants has captured a great chunk of the market. But the entry-level market and the mid-range market are sparsely covered by iPhone. Rumor has it that to further increase their market, the SE series will target these markets.

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    We are hearing a lot of good things regarding the SE target market, but we should not keep our hopes very high as these are rumors. Apple has not yet claimed any of this news to be true.

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