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    At ISS, Sun Rises and Sets Every 45 Minutes, NASA Tells Why

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    International Space Station (ISS) has come much ‘closer’ to Earth in a way considering how much we get to witness things using social media. Each bit of info brings wonder and amazement to us. Astronauts at the space station keep the buzz up by posting mesmerising pics often.

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    But did you know that ISS experiences sunrise and sunset every 45 minutes? Yep, that’s a thing there and there’s a reason for it.

    The ISS completes one revolution of Earth in 90 minutes. And this makes it witness 16 sunsets and sunrises every day!

    NASA explained this amazing bit in a tweet on Sunday (September 12). It was answering a question asked by a Twitter user who wondered whether astronauts feel any temperature difference.

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    The temperature difference in space is huge since there is no atmosphere to maintain a comfortable temperature. At sunrise, the temperature is 250 degrees Fahrenheit and at sunset, it is -250 Fahrenheit. But astronauts are safe because their spacesuits have provision to keep them cool and in top condition to carry out scientific experiments or conducting spacewalks.

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