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    Lenovo Thinkbook Plus May Have Two Screens on it: Leak

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    Lenovo Think book Plus May Have Two Screens on it: Leak Lenovo sure likes to experiment with dual screens for laptops and we may get to see it again if a new leak is to be believed. Renowned tech tipster Evan Blass posted an image on Twitter on Sunday that showed a Lenovo Think book Plus laptop with a second screen on the keyboard.

    Check out the image below.

    It appears that the second screen is being used to draw on an image on the laptop’s main screen, almost like a drawing tablet. Despite the large secondary screen, the laptop includes a complete keyboard and a trackpad along with an extra-wide main screen. The image also shows a stylus lying on the second screen, which will likely be included in the retail package.

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    There are no further details available for this laptop, other than its 17-inch main screen. However, Blass has also posted a Twitter thread of other leaked images with a whole list of products from different brands.

    Lenovo’s ThinkBook Plus lineup started off in 2020 with an E-ink display on the lid. After that, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 came out during Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year in January, also with a 12-inch E-ink screen on the back. This likely means that Lenovo is ditching the E-ink display in favor of a secondary screen next to the keyboard.

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    It is unclear when this laptop is coming out, but since Lenovo usually unveils new Think book Plus notebooks during CES, we can expect to see it in January 2022.

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