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    Meta rated worst company of the year in Yahoo survey

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    Meta rated worst company of the year in Yahoo survey: Meta was rated as the worst company of the year in the annual Yahoo Finance survey. Yahoo Finance evaluates performance and achievement and selects the Compay of the Year each year. This year, Microsoft won the title with a $2 trillion market capitalization mark and a 53% surge in its stock price. 1541 respondents, however, rated Meta/Facebook unfavorably.

    Facebook has been in the midst of a range of controversies this year from the Facebook Whistleblower outing the company’s safety issues and, other antitrust allegations. Moreover, critics of the company have claimed that they felt their voice was being taken away and over-policed on the social media platform.

    The company was also blamed for allowing the spread of misinformation this year, especially during the spread of Covid 19, and promoting far-right extremism and undermining democracy. Critics have also been concerned about the social platform’s effect on young kids and teens, especially Instagram’s effects on younger teens’ mental health.

    In the survey, the company received 50% more votes than the company which finished second-last, Alibaba. However, around 30% of the respondents also said the company could redeem itself from that title if it apologizes and acknowledges all it has done.

    One critic responded that the company could earn redemption by donating a sizeable amount of its profits to a foundation to reverse the damage and harm done. Angry investors filling the survey suggested raising its stock prices as payment for redemption.

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