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    Music AI can now create a future Grammy award winner

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    Music AI can now create a future Grammy award winner: AI  tools are able to create new kinds of music from a scratch, with apps that produce automated lyrics, write chords, and instrumentation, this, in turn, will revolutionize the music industry.

     Alysia and Orb Composer are some of the software that helps create new songs based on style or ‘feel’. Drew Silverstein, Co-founder and former CEO of Amper Music said that he considered the music evolution to be “both amazing and scary at the same time”. He believes that a person who uses the AI software to create music, the copyrights would belong to its programmers, while the AI program can create the music that would resonate with listeners.

    AI has succeeded in re-creating music from the past like the Beatles’ tune which was re-created by Sony’s CSL labs. The AI Programme came up with ‘Daddy’s Car’ in the style of the Beatles, where the lyrics were taken from the band’s song titles, including a hazy sound of the band’s psychedelic period. Hooligrams of Whitney Houston and Amy Whinehouse have performed music performances with AI music creations. 

    AI pop stars arent new either, like Yona and Taryn Southern, the world’s first number one AI popstar. According to Southern, AI can revolutionize music-making, just like YouTube has revolutionized video-making. She went on to say, “It’s putting very cheap tools in the hands of millions of people, making music more accessible. I’d read a couple of articles about AI, and so it sparked my curiosity. I thought: Why not play around with some of the tools and see what all this is about?”

    As a result of the rise of AI music becoming more popular and frequent, record studios may run out of business, since singers will longer have use for them. However, AI will unlock new kinds of instruments and sounds to be used in music and revolutionize the industry, which hasn’t been possible before.

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