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    WhatsApp Web Gets a Built-in Custom Sticker Maker

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    WhatsApp Web Gets a Built-in Custom Sticker Maker WhatsApp, in a bid to enhance its user experience, has introduced a built-in sticker maker for its web version that’ll turn plain images into stickers. This will allow the users to create their own custom sticker collection and share it with friends & family.

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    The images can be edited and converted into stickers once uploaded. The user can outline and crop their photo into a sticker and add emojis or words to it, and just like that, they will have their own custom sticker. However, the crop option can only produce images in a square aspect ratio.

    Being able to make your own stickers on WhatsApp is nothing unusual though, and there has always been a whole range of third-party apps available on iOS and Android dedicated to the task. However, it’s far more convenient to have this feature built directly into the service’s desktop and web versions. It is reported that the feature will be making its way to the desktop version in the coming week.

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    In addition to this, WhatsApp is also working to introduce a feature that would extend the message-deleting time to a week from the current time limit of a little over an hour.

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