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    13pc Households in Pakistan Have at least One Digital Device

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    The Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) survey 2019-20, conducted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has revealed that compared to all provinces in Pakistan. Among all the provinces Punjab is at the top spot with 13 percent of households reporting at least once facility of digital devices, such as computer, laptop, or a tablet.

    As per the survey, Punjab is at the top, while Balochistan is at the bottom with 6 percent of households using any of the above-mentioned facilities. The percentage is different when urban and rural areas are compared. In Punjab, 22per cent of households in urban areas have such facilities, and only 8per cent in rural households have them.

    While in Balochistan, 13 percent in urban and only 1 percent households in rural areas have at least one facility of digital devices.

    Meanwhile, if you compile the results of the entire country, around 12 percent of households have reported having at least one digital device, making it the least penetration of information and communication technologies in the country.

    The survey covered around 176,790 households across rural and urban communities, collecting information on a range of social sector issues — information technology, education, and health by facilities and services.

    The main factors that the survey covered including indicators on household’s level with the facility of computer, laptop, tablet, mobile and internet for individuals who are 10 years and older using a computer, ICT skills, internet and ownership and usage of mobile/smartphone.

    If you look at the cities individually, then in Islamabad, 40 percent of households reported having at least one such facility. In Punjab, Lahore with 24 percent is at the top and Rajanpur with 3 percent at the bottom. While, in Sindh, Karachi East is at the top with 33 percent and Tharparkar at the bottom with 1 percent.

    The results from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa reveal that Peshawar is at the top with 25 percent and Kohistan at the bottom with 2 percent households having at least one digital facility.

    On the other hand, in Balochistan which is at the bottom of the list, Barkhan is at the top with 20 percent, and Khuzdar at the bottom with no household having at least one such facility.

    The survey also found out how many households in Pakistan have a facility of mobile or a smartphone. The results showed that around 93 percent of households in the country reported having mobile/smartphones. This percentage is higher in urban areas with 96 percent, compared to rural areas with 91 percent.

    At the top is KP, with 95 percent of households having facility of mobile phones — 98 percent in urban and 94 percent in rural areas, according to the survey. In Punjab, the percentage is 94 percent, 92 percent in Balochistan, and 91 percent in Sindh reported having the facility of mobile/smartphone.

    While in Islamabad, 99 percent of households have mobile/smartphone facilities.

    The district wise results show that Layyah with 98 percent, Korangi with 99 percent, Shangla with 99 percent, and Pishin with 99 percent are at the top in their respective provinces, while Khanewal with 82 percent, Dadu with 72 percent, and Mohammad and Khuzdar with 70 percent each are at the bottom.


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