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Facial Recognition Tool Used to Stop Kids Playing Video Games

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Tencent-the China-based famous gaming company has shared the statement that they will make use of their latest facial recognition technology to prevent children in their nation from playing video games late at night.

As per the sources, Tencent had launched this project in order to curb video-game addition in their country, China. The scheme will help prevent people under 18 from playing games between 10 p.m. & 8 a.m.

The facial recognition technology to prevent children have evolved to get around the present age limitations on such as using their parents’ identity or devices. The system works by scanning the faces in order to check the age of the player.

The company said in a statement that “Anyone who refuses or fails face verification will be treated as a minor, included in the anti-addiction supervision of Tencent’s game health system & kicked offline,”.

The usage of facial recognition technology in China is not a new thing. The country has already installed the technology in airports, metros & in the Western region of Xinjiang.

Facial-recognition doubters have raised up worries over data privacy in China. In 2017, Beijing declared a controversial policy that requires internet & service providers to compel users to sign up with their actual name. Critics believed that the move would increase the danger of potential security breaches & improve the government’s capacity to monitor citizens’ activities.

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