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The High Time to Stand up for the Human Rights


Human rights are the fundamental license to live, awarded to the human being by nature. Human rights are given to us by birth by default. Each one of us is entitled to these rights since we open our eyes in this world. No one is allowed to throw or discard them. These are permanent. ‘Human rights’ is the name of the freedom, enabled to us by the creator.The High Time to Stand up for the Human Rights

The United Nations Charter in 1945 states: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another, in a spirit of brotherhood.” The article No. 26 of this universal declaration clearly states: “Education shall be directed to the full development of human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.”
There are 30 articles of ‘The universal declaration of Human rights’, declared by the United Nations, in which human rights are evaluated clearly and exclusively. The universal declaration of Human rights was adopted in 1948 by the UN Charter.

“Before rights, there are basic needs of a human, which are physiological needs and food, water, safety needs, needs for esteem, needs for love and once everything is met, self-actualization occurs which is the need to be and do that, which a person was born to do. These must be universal.” said Maslow (1908-1970), an American psychologist.

Education, Pluralism and Equality are some of the parameters of human rights, they are immured in human rights. Equality, non-discrimination in nationality, race, colour, sect, religion, caste, creed etc. are basic human rights. The core principles of human rights are rule of Law, universality, uniformity, unchangeable freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of peaceful assembly and dignity.

These rights provide happiness and prosperity to human life, enclose whole humans in humility. The core problem is that the major part of the community is unaware of their rights, especially aboriginal folks. We need to appraise them regarding their actual humanitarian value. We need to educate human rights and convey this message to the masses, through multiple forms of demonstrations, including writings, street theatres, media dissemination, publications and speech.

The violation of human rights can be observed everywhere. Limited boundaries, narrow thinking and absence of awareness are the main factors, affecting human rights. The crimes like extrajudicial killings, limited capacity for empathy to people, lead to the violation of human rights. We need to create a tendency to highlight and streamline the issue. Meddling in other’s decisions, corporal punishment and harsh dialogue are the felonious reasons to build sick-minded society. The hypocrisy is also a major factor, which has replaced human rights.

“Suppress people, till they understand their living as freedom.” said Adolf Hitler. We can smell history from such words that how much it is full of violation against mankind and their rights. Even in this twenty-first century, in many societies, a woman can not proceed for anything without the permission of her spouse, though the limitations and boundaries of people’s lifestyles can be determined by the mutual coordination and cooperation. Early marriages are also a great defilement of human rights, where a girl is immature and does not know even the fundamental norms of living life. Instead of bestowing her with quality education, she is conferred with an unmatched companion and made a mother, against her will.

This is our responsibility to let every community know that acts like bullying, discrimination, abuse, injustice, unfair treatment, false accusations of wrongdoing, social ostracism etc are ‘Human right abuse’, so that they may know about their basic rights and how and where they are violated.

Each one of us, who feels this responsibility needs to be more mindful and visionary towards peace and provision of basic rights to all the classes of society. Perhaps this ‘class system’ will automatically decease, once the basic human rights are provided to everyone, dwelling on this globe. But till this ideal situation takes place when they could really be able to know their values and rights, we all need to spread thoroughly, the wide illustrations to focal representatives of society to generate healthy-minded individuals to propagate this message of human rights, which can be an ultimate triumph. Teaching each individual about human rights can be one of the keystones for the future. It is high time to spread the light of humanity and awareness of its rights.

This is also the high time for human rights welfare organizations to approach those areas, where there is a severe lack of cognizance of such liberties so that the common folks can know their privileges. These are fundamental rights of every individual and an indispensable part of every life. Till now, in all walks of life, we have thoroughly denied the rights of an individual consciously or unconsciously.

The theme for “World Human Rights Day” this year 2020 is “Recover Better – Stand Up For Human Rights” and focusing this theme in the light of the ongoing violation of human rights in most of the countries around the globe, it is really the highest time to stand up for the human rights for a better recovery of the society, mankind and their future.

Live Long humanity!
Live long Human rights.



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