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The Strength of the Weak


The Strength of the Weak Suppose a person, who is alone in a jungle and completely surrounded with wild and dangerous animals. He doesn’t have any support and weapon to save himself from those animals. So, in such a scenario, what he will do? Does he surrender himself? I don’t think so. He will utilize every accessible thing in his surrounding to make any instrument to defend himself. Even the trees, which were useless in the absence of an enemy, will become a source of a weapon for him. He will craft a spear from the trees and use it against those animals. So, we can say that enemies create a crisis which kept us awake and active. The absence of any external support along with the sense of being less in number can also exaggerate the state of crisis and lead us towards surrender.

But, if you see it from a different angle, these three major weaknesses can be our strength because it can make us independent by compelling us to look in ourselves and our own capabilities. In a nutshell, a crisis emerged due to these weaknesses can become an opportunity, if we manage it tactically and properly. By keeping the above discussion in our minds, take a look at the current situation of Kashmir.

On 5 the of August, Indian fascist government took the long-awaited step and revoked the special status given to IOK by abrogating the Article 370 of Indian constitution, which was ensuring some relaxations from the Indian side to IOK. A certain level of autonomy was given to them under this article. Followed with it, they have also deployed thousands of Indian soldiers in IOK and all communication ways are suspended. It means that they are totally encircled by the enemies. More than five months have gone, but still, there is a curfew in IOK and no one is there to help them.

Even the whole Muslim community is silent over this issue. A Saudi delegation has met with PM Khan and insists on not making it an Islamic issue. Before the abrogation of this article, there was a hope in their mind that the UN and Pakistan would help them. But, these five months have proved that no one can help them. So, in such a situation where they have clutched by the enemies, no one is there to support them and they are less in number, they should rely on their own capabilities. I think it is a golden chance for Kashmir to make themselves independent and look on their own capabilities. Now, they should not rely on others and they should have to take their future in their own hands.

They have a history of resilience against the oppressors. Their history of resistance goes back to the Mughal Empire in 16 the Century. According to some of the most prominent scholars, like Zareef Ahmed Zareef, claim that Kashmiris were totally against the Mughal Emperor Akbar. “Kashmiris, particularly young men had launched a guerilla war for several years against Mughals. They were known as Delaware. These Dilawar’s were persecuted by Mughals. Some hardened Dilawars were even taken to jail built by Mughals on islands inside Dal lake including Ropelank and Sonelank where they were tortured to death and discreetly drowned,” said Zareef.

The intensity of resistance of Kashmiris against the invasion on their land by Mughal Emperor Akbar was so intense that to save themselves, Akbar had to build the massive “wall of Kalai”. With such a glorious history, they can overcome any difficulty. They can get free from oppression in IOK, but they have to be independent and believe in their own capabilities.


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