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Why Trees Are Important?

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Why Trees Are Important?: We all know some important benefits of trees. Like a tree produces oxygen which is necessary for breathing. In addition, it absorbs carbon dioxide and makes the environment pleasant. It gives us, humans, wood, and paper while providing habitat for wildlife in areas with a large number of trees. The risk of flooding in these areas is extremely low. The roots of trees absorb excess water due to which water does not accumulate and form a flood. Trees also protect against famine and drought. From its roots, absorbed water is spent in the air thus they also help in the formation of clouds.

The roots of the tree hold the soil in place due to land erosion can’t occur. Trees constantly supply water to the soil due to which its fertility is increased. Trees also reduce noise pollution. It is also capable of absorbing the sound of a place. The presence of trees reduces stress and depression and trees make the people mentally and physically healthy while living among the trees. Trees also reduce the intensity of heat and they are very important in controlling global warming. Recently I did plantation with my team. We planted neem trees in the HDA office ground and I think we really need to know and learn about the benefits of a neem tree.

Neem tree supports normal skin wound healing abilities, it helps to provide shelter for us. Its detoxifying ability helps to maintain our health and also helps to maintain healthy respiratory systems, circulatory and digestive systems not only this but the neem tree supports the normal function of the dermal circulatory systems. It also supports normal clean blood flow to the organs and the neem leaf is especially useful in removing other toxins from the body purifying the blood and neutralizer damaging free radicals. There are many other benefits of the neem tree.

It is true that ALLAH did not make anything superfluous and trees are just as important to our health. So everyone should plant in their own house or outside the house . Because it also makes it easier for us to breathe and it is very important for the things inside us. I will tell everyone to plantation a neem tree in their house, offices, schools, etc because it is very beneficial.


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