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    Chimpanzee killed by resident chimps after being introduced to sanctuary

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    Chimpanzee killed by resident chimps after being introduced to the sanctuary: A four-year-old chimpanzee that lived her whole life at the Eram Park Zoo in the Iranian capital of Tehran died a few months after being transferred to Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Laikipia, Kenya as resident chimps attacked it.

    According to The Daily Mail, after completing her 90-day quarantine, the chimp — named Baran — was in the second phase of her introduction to the sanctuary so that it could have remote contact with the other chimpanzees.  

    However, Baran broke the lock of her enclosure and entered the zone with the chimpanzee family she had been introduced to remotely.

    The fellow chimps of the sanctuary attacked Baran, inflicting major injuries. Zookeepers managed to end the violence but were unable to save Baran who later succumbed to its wounds.

    In summer,  Baran was moved to Kenya because it was very unhealthy for her to continue living in isolation, away from other chimpanzees. 

    The mother rejected her at birth because she was born premature and it was difficult to take care of her, therefore, she was adopted by humans and lived among them. 

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