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    Powerful photo of 6 dead giraffes in Kenya speaks volumes about country’s drought

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    Powerful photo of 6 dead giraffes in Kenya speaks volumes about country’s drought: A photo showing the bodies of six giraffes in Kenya has recently grabbed the world’s attention towards the drought that the country is experiencing.

    As a result of the drought, Kenya’s wildlife — especially the population of giraffes — has become severely endangered. The viral photo, captured from the bird-eye view, shows six giraffes lying dead inside the Sabuli Wildlife Conservancy in Wajir.

    The physical attributes of the animals, as seen in the snap, speak for themselves as the animal had suffered severe malnutrition. They died after they “got stuck in the mud as they tried to drink from a nearly dried-up reservoir nearby,” NDTV reported.

    To save the water reservoir from contamination, Kenyan authorities moved the bodies of the animals to a different location where the photograph was later captured.

    According to Al Jazeera, since September, most of North Kenya has been deprived of rainfall and has only received 30% of it, which has become the leading cause of the drought. The condition has mainly affected the country’s wildlife, as animals cannot find food and water and eventually die of malnutrition.

    Ibrahim Ali from the Bour-Algi giraffe sanctuary told the publication that the drought put wild animals at risk.

    “Domesticated animals were being assisted [by the government and non-governmental organisation] but not wildlife, and now they are suffering,” he told Kenyan news website, The Star.

    The news website also reported that the drought in Garissa County has put the lives of 4,000 giraffes at risk.

    In September, the drought was declared a “national disaster”’ by Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta. An Emergency Relief Cash Transfer Programme was announced last week by the Authority as 2.5 million people got affected by the drought.

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