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    Snake bites pop singer during music video shoot

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    Snake bites pop singer during music video shoot: While shooting a music video, American pop singer — Maeta — got bitten by a venomous snake, sending her audience into a shock.

    Taking to her and Twitter profiles last week, the singer shared the video to express her ordeal and added a caption: “What I go through to make videos for y’all.”

    Watch the video here.

    She shared the same clip on Twitter and wrote, “Never again.” 

    The four-second video clip has gone viral on social media platforms and has been viewed over 517,754 times since being posted on Instagram last week. 

    According to NDTV, in the short clip, the 21-year-old pop singer is seen lying on a carpet, with snakes all around her. Wearing a black lace dress, she is seen smiling before one of the snakes crawled up to her chin and bit her.

    She is seen expressing her horror as soon as the reptile bites her but she responds quickly and pulls it away. As Maeta turns away, grimacing in  pain, a person off-camera is heard saying: “Oh it bit her like this.” Reported NDTV.

    The R&B singer got bitten by a non-venomous snake, according to People magazine, and none of the snakes being used for the music video were venomous. She got a bite on her chin and did not sustain any other injuries, as reported. 

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