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    Teenager killed, dismembered by friend after altercation

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    Teenager killed, dismembered by a friend after altercation: A 14-year-old boy was allegedly killed over a fight with his friends who slit his throat and dismembered his body, police said Thursday.

    According to the police, a Teenager suspect allegedly killed his friend and stuffed his body parts into a sack before dumping them in the jungle. The family of the victim filed a report of his disappearance after which a search was initiated and the body was recovered. 

    As part of the probe, the police have also detained a 14-year-old boy who was accompanying the main suspect and had met the victim outside his house.

    All three were going somewhere when a fight broke out between the victim and the 19-year-old boy. Following the altercation, the older boy attacked his friend with a knife and killed him.

    The police have recovered the body and have arrested the main suspect.

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